Waymon Hudson

Waymon Hudson is a writer, activist, television host, blogger, and all around political troublemaker. He is President and Co-Founder of the national non-profit LGBT rights organization Fight OUT Loud.  In addition to his advocacy work, Waymon is host of the political discussion show Critical Thinking on Gay TV On The GoHe is also a featured columnist for the Huffington Post, as well a member of the editorial team of the Bilerico Project, the nation's leading LGBT blog forum.  He is also a featured columnist for ChicagoPride.com and the Chicago RedEye.  He also works as a political consultant specializing in web-based action, social networking, new media, and youth outreach.  Waymon and his husband, Anthony Niedwiecki, live in Chicago, Illinois.

Waymon Huds
on is highly skilled in a myriad of writing styles, from news reporting to opinion pieces to hard-hitting interviews. He also has a strong online and social media presence, with an active and engaged twitter and Facebook following that brings a large amount of site traffic and readership to his work. His years as an activist for LGBT equality, as well as his time as a political consultant, give him unique knowledge and insight into the current fight for civil rights.

"I have been a voice for full equality for the LGBT community for many years, doing everything from organizing multiple large-scale protests to working within the political system to affect change. Whether marching in the streets, organizing online, or working on campaigns, my goal remains the same: to challenge the forces of bigotry, hate, and ignorance." 

Be sure to check out his blog, The HomoPolitico, and find him on your favorite social networking sites.

Wake Up. Get Involved. Fight OUT Loud!


Waymon Hudson

Journalist, Activist, Writer, TV Host,

and All Around Political Trouble-Maker.

Quote to Live by:

"I finally reached the point where I knew I had to become involved or shut up."

-Harvey Milk